Across the past week, I found a few days to escape away to The Central Coast for a break with the family. For anyone who doesn’t know the area, you’re probably thinking: ‘cool, travelling, that’s something you do’. For anyone who’s local, you’re probably thinking: ‘m8, that is literally 45 minutes up the road’.

And so began an eternal moral struggle: was I discovering more about the region around me as an ignorant local, or was I exploring somewhere entirely new like a tourist?

The answer? Both.

I figured that the best way to deal with this internal conflict was to write about it.

The Good

Pelican feeding. Every day, at 3:30pm, the pelicans from the area flock to the same spot along the water to guzzle on snacks. Those snacks are given to them from the crowds of people that flock to the area to watch an inordinate amount of pelicans satiating their hunger. It’s a symbiotic relationship. 

Just to interrupt story time for a second: for any non-Aussies who are reading, a pelican is a ridiculous-looking white bird that does nothing but bob on the waters of Australia’s freshwater lakes and eat fish. Well, unless it’s really starving for food - its weirdly elastic beak enables it to eat small birds as well.

Anyway, I couldn’t deny that getting close up with the pelicans was pretty cool.

I also appreciated the sedate atmosphere that pervaded The Entrance - especially as I was looking to really relax during my time away. Like Newcastle, The Entrance seemed to be an area that most people knew each other. It was common for the locals to ask what we were doing in the area, where we were staying, and the like: it was obvious that we were tourists!

  I made some new friends while I was away.

I made some new friends while I was away.

The Bad

I couldn't deny it: I was disappointed to see that the local kids playgrounds were closed off for construction while we were there. I’m completely aware that being 23 years of age is widely acknowledged as 'adult', but that doesn’t stop me from going nuts every time I see a swing set that I can fit my adult-sized derriere into.

That being said, the children's water park was open. However, splashing around shallow waters in public is basically an invitation to slip and fall over in front of a casual 100 or so people. Not my idea of a good time.

Usually my other source of entertainment would be to suss out a coffee shop and put my feet up for a while. But, a number of places closed for the afternoon from about 2:30, while others were completely closed of a Wednesday. You know, the day of the week that the family and I arrived into the area.

The Ugly

There’s something I have to come clean with - something that’s been weighing on my chest for a while now.

I. Don’t. Like. Tie-dye. 

You know what filled the shops around the area? Women’s tie-dye clothes. Lots of overpriced, over-present tie-dye clothing. Albeit, the tie-dye style isn’t as prevalent at The Entrance as what it is at Nelson Bay (Novocastrians will know what I’m talking about), but it’s still there. It’s there enough to be dramatically offended about it. Like, I’m sure there are many other things to be offended over, and to become enraged about, but tie-dye clothing takes the cake. There’s nothing like getting excited about going on an extensive shopping trip, only to discover that the only selection of clothing that’s on offer is tie-dyed

But I’ll stop there before this turns from travel blogging into diatribe against tie-dye.


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