Having recently come across an article written by renowned health guru Kayla Itsines, I couldn't help but get to thinking that health and travel go hand in hand. After all, who doesn’t want to lose a bit of the stress from the humdrum of home once leaving the country? As much as fitting in some fitness time in an airport bathroom is impractical to say the least (like, who really wants to do lunges next to a squat toilet?), there’s probably a few things that we should keep in mind when we’re jet setting off around the globe. 

Staying healthy on flights

Drink lots of water. Try and get up every now and again for a walk along the plane because vein health is a thing. Despite your taste buds telling you otherwise, plane food is not going to kill you, and you're better off having had at least a little bit to eat. Attempt to sleep. And if that doesn't work, fantasise about removing the nasal cavities of the chump two rows down who's keeping you awake with their snoring.

Staying healthy on tour

Pack lots of paracetamol, lozenges and cold and flu tablets. Tissues are your best friend, don’t forget them. You're trapped in a cesspit of sickness (otherwise known as a bus) for hours on end, you may as well prepare for it.

It’s also okay to have days off from exploring and spend the day in bed. Some tours can be really full-on (think: potentially drinking yourself stupid every night), meaning that you’ve got activities available every day. While it’s nice to be busy, especially since you may only have a limited opportunity to really experience the country you’re in, it’s no good feeling like you’re ready to puke your guts out and your butt’s about to fall off. Putting your feet up every now and again ensures that you can get the most out of your tour.

  Eating well is only part of the picture for staying healthy

Eating well is only part of the picture for staying healthy

Staying healthy at a hotel

Bemoan the fact that your jeans are getting tighter, but for the love of all that is holy do not skimp on the buffet breakfast. You're travelling to discover new things - it's okay to experience food. Or, you're away on business, which means that you'll need extra sustenance while you're working. Either way, don't beat yourself up for going back for a second nutella scroll. Staying healthy also means not sweating the small stuff.

Staying healthy while travelling alone

Invest in some fruit for snacks. More fibre means you won't get too hungry while you're out and about, and more vitamins in your diet is never a bad thing.

Also carry a water bottle with you. Make sure it’s a plastic one that you can replace easy - plastic’s less heavy than the aluminium or glass ones you find on the shelves these days, and doubtless you will leave your bottle somewhere and spend half an hour cursing your stupidity until you buy a new one.