Push Pin Travel Maps

Christmas is about a month away. But is it really a month away when your factor in the work parties, the myriad of lunches with friends, the last minute cleaning and decorating, the usual family dinners, and the kissing under the mistletoe.

You are probably fretting at this point. You know you need to get in sooner rather than later for Christmas gifts - after all, this is pretty much the last call for ordering online. 

And even worse, you’ve gotta buy for a travel-lover. The quintessential frugal-living wanderluster. Or, maybe you are the travel-lover, taking advantage of the sales and shopping for yourself. 

The point is, you have no idea what to get. Well, here is what is missing from your Christmas Shopping List.

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Push Pin Travel Maps

Any self-respecting traveller should know, the best way to keep track of where you have been is not a journal. No-one has time for that when they are traipsing around a new country. Nay, travellers need maps.

And not the kind of map that you hurriedly pinch on your smartphone screen late in the afternoon when you are trying to figure out if you have already passed the street your hostel sits on. This is the kind of impressive map that you can proudly display over your mantlepiece - okay, maybe having a mantlepiece is a bit of a stretch - and make all your friends and family envious of your escapades.

Even better, you can capitalise on your flair for the extravagant, and use specially-crafted push pins to mark your journeys and serve as an excellent talking point.

In seriousness, though, one of the better design pieces I have invested in was a world map. And it is worth investing in, even as just a keepsake.

Click here to take advantage of free shipping when you spend over $100 on a push pin travel map.

Push Pin Travel Maps

BauBax Travel Jacket

Actual tagline for this nifty piece of clothing: “The world’s BEST travel jacket! Raised 9.2 million dollars on Kickstarter”. And why is that?

This little beauty contains within its sweet little frame:

  • a built in inflatable pillow
  • an eye mask
  • a tablet pocket (No, not medicine tablets, an electronic tablet)
  • a passport pocket
  • a microfibre cloth
  • a pocket for your sunglasses
  • earphone holders
  • a water-resistant phone pocket
  • built-in gloves
  • a zipper that is a combination of a stylus and pen
  • a neoprene-lined drink pocket
  • a portable charger pocket
  • a blanket pocket
  • double-lined hand-warming pockets
  • and a detachable hood


PLUS it is 100% polyester, 100% machine washable. Now, why is it great that it is made from polyester? After all, my bird’s water bowl is made from synthetic materials.

It is because it will keep its shape. That means no baggy arms and saggy stomachs after rinsing the jacket - this baby is just going to continue on doing its thing like when you first bought it.

Mates, this is literally the god of all jackets, reincarnated on earth.

And the creators of the BauBax jacket are also giving away free shipping to a number of areas around the globe - so long as you order before December 2016! Pricing starts at $149.00 for both men and women sizing.

  Maybe you could put your gifts under a Christmas tree atop the Salzburg Fortress?

Maybe you could put your gifts under a Christmas tree atop the Salzburg Fortress?

RHA T20i High-Fidelity Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones

I know I’ve written about the benefits of having a set of noise cancelling headphones on a long trip before. I will say it once, and I will say it again - a set of noise cancelling headphones on a long airplane trip has heaps of benefits (For those playing at home internationally, “heaps” is the Aussie way of saying “a lot”).

So, you as, why am I speaking about the benefits of these particular headphones? Well, typically, your average set of noise cancelling headphones require charging to give them their noise-cancelling capabilities. The RHA T20i High-Fidelity Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones (Try saying that quickly … it does not roll off the tongue), however, don’t. You can fly disturbance-free.

The other major benefit of these headphones is that, not only do they come with their own travel case, but they also sit in the ear, meaning that they are as portable as you can get in terms of miniature sound systems.

Some of the fittings for the headphones can be changed to influence the sound from them - the metallic pieces can be swapped out to adjust your music’s treble and bass tone. The cabling is designed to sit over the ear, and can be moulded to fit perfectly; a first for someone like me, who has oddly small ears.

The rubber fittings that sit inside the ear can also be swapped out - RHA provide a good 10 alternatives to make sure you can listen to your music in comfort.

All in all, a set of headphones I would give five thumbs up for. Well, if I had five thumbs to hold up. They retail for about 190 English pounds.

Push Pin Travel Maps