Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


As much as it pains me to write a section on travelscriber that most people skip past (does anyone ever read the terms and conditions?), the reality is that your privacy is a serious issue, and it does need to be addressed.

The details


Your browser uses cookies to track your information. While that word normally brings to mind delicious biscuity goodness, these cookies are designed to keep track of your permissions for certain websites - whether it be passwords that are stored for you for later use, or also tailoring the advertising content you see on a webpage.


The main thing that concerns us in this privacy policy is advertising content. Third parties like such as Google use cookies to show you ads that are based on the previous websites that your browser has visited. This means that the content you see in those ads are designed to show you things that you're more likely to be interested in. This does not mean that travelscriber is collecting your information just by visiting - it's all managed by those third party websites. Your information does not reach me this way. You can view the privacy policy for Google through here. By clicking on any advertising displayed on travelscriber's pages, you will be leaving travelscriber, and will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policies found through those third party websites.

opting out

Don't like the idea of having advertising tailored to you on travelscriber? You can always opt out of personalised ads from Google through here. You can also use this link here to the Digital Advertising Alliance's website to opt out of some third parties providing you with personalised online advertising. By not using that link, though, you're implicitly giving your permission to continue seeing ads based on your website visits.


The security settings that are present on travelscriber are per Squarespace's setup, meaning that there is an SSL (shorthand for an extra layer of security) employed whenever money is exchanged through their system. Beyond that, however, it is expected that by accessing travelscriber that you implicitly are taking responsibility for your own security online (for example, by using secure browsers, making sure your software is up to date, using virus protection software, and remaining critical of any offers and information you see online). The only information that is collected from you explicitly by visiting travelscriber is through filling out the subscription form to receive email correspondance from travelscriber. And the only information collected from you implicitly, beyond the methods described above, are through Google Analytics. This is anonymous information, and is collected to improve the quality of travelscriber. Google Analytics' terms of service can be found here.


These terms of use and privacy policy can be subject to change, should the services provided on the website be altered. You will be informed about these changes through this page within 7 days of the terms of use and privacy policy change.


If you have any queries or concerns about the terms of use and privacy policy, please do contact me, Ash, through hello@travelscriber.com